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Wed Jul 8 07:16:26 PDT 1998

Franchesca Havas said something that sounded like:
> Do any of you also feel that parenting in the SCA is not up to snuff?

I'm sorry but as a parent, I must take offense at this. *smile*

Just as there are bad knights, bad laurels, bad pelicans, etc, there
are bad parents. Just like the bad Peer, these are the parents that get
attention because their children are the ones that get noticed for their
misbehavior. It does not mean that they are the norm. I know in Bryn
Gwlad, the good parents well outnumber the bad. I would hope it does in
other groups as well.

Btw, it is my opinion that bad parenting is not a problem isolated to
the SCA. Quite the opposite. Of my exposure, there are far more good
parents (precentage wise) than bad in the SCA than there is in the US
society as a whole.

A good thing to remember is "children will behave the way you expect
them to". This is true for most children, despite the parents.


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