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Mary Temple noxcat at
Wed Jul 8 09:06:50 PDT 1998

>Franchesca Havas said something that sounded like:
>> Do any of you also feel that parenting in the SCA is not up to snuff?
>I'm sorry but as a parent, I must take offense at this. *smile*
>I know in Bryn Gwlad, the good parents well outnumber the bad. 
>Btw, it is my opinion that bad parenting is not a problem isolated to
>the SCA. Quite the opposite. Of my exposure, there are far more good
>parents (precentage wise) than bad in the SCA than there is in the US
>society as a whole.
>A good thing to remember is "children will behave the way you expect
>them to". This is true for most children, despite the parents.
Heh. This from the parent of one of the children held up as an example 
of well-behaved children!

As a non-parent, I agree. I am still amazed by the behavior of SCA 
children when I compare it to the behavior of non-SCA children. They're 
paragons of virtue! Even when I compare the child that I was told was 
the worst behaved in Bryn Gwlad to those outside of the SCA, I still 
think that way. (BTW - before any Bryn Gwlad parent gets paranoid, he's 
no longer active in the SCA.)

I'd really hate to think that Bryn Gwlad is the exception to the rule.

Catriona Rowley

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