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Paul KieferJr rapierman at
Wed Jul 8 18:29:05 PDT 1998

Well, I suspect that this might take the BOD to solve that problem. 
If you believe that it might get around the mundane legalities, then
draft up a proposal, do some research, and send it off to them and see
if they'll go for it.

(BTW, Boffer Tourneys for Kids, as long as some safety rules are
maintained, does sound like a good suggestion)

Good Luck (TM)

Lord Johann Kiefer Hayden (Paul E. Kiefer, Jr.)

(Note temporary address)

---K Drennan <wrenne at> wrote:
> I know this is probably a very late response to this post but I have
> agree 100% with the idea of creating some type of Boffer toruney or 
> activity for the younger ones.  My nephew (14) came home after his
> event about a year ago, and made a boffer sword and sheild and really 
> expected to be able to use them.  He was to say the least very 
> dissapointed when everyone he asked to show him stuff about fighting 
> said that they didn't think that he should even bring it to events 
> because "we" didn't do that here...  He often asks me before an event 
> will there be a boffer tourney for kids at this event?
> I hate to think of the wasted opportunity to instill an interest in 
> history we are passing up by not letting our kids be as involved in
> game as we are....After all it is supposed to be educational.....
> it??
> If I can help in any way to get this idea off the ground, let me
> You can email me directly. kdrennan at
> Wrenne Blackthorne
> Bryn Gwlad/Ffynnon Gath
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