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Thu Jul 9 08:20:02 PDT 1998

Okay....I just got back from vacation and am SO amazed and pleased to see
the wonderful discussions and problem solving going on here.  THIS is what
the list should do.  After reading Gunnora's previous post and this one, I
would like to share this:

Athelyan wrote:
>What has worked for my kids has been to find the things they like to do and
>give them every opportunity to do them. Rosalind likes serving tables and
>being cook's helper in the kitchen. Sounds good to me. She has received
>both a Rising Star and an AoA. Robert likes serving also, and is very good
>at helping to set things up (like pavilions). He also helps the Ministry of
>Children in getting things together, and he was a very good assistant at
>one of their puppet performances recently. He has a Rising Star.
My son really loves archery and the knife, ax, and spear throws.  Everytime
he has entered, he has competed and, occassionaly, placed right along with
the grownups.  He comes back excited and happy and bursting with pride that
he was able to converse and be a part of that "adult" scene.  But even more
than that, he likes to be in the kitchen! (Okay, so maybe the free samples
are an incentive....)   A couple of Bonwicke Twelfth Nights ago, HL Rosario
found that out and took him under his wing.  Now if you have ever eaten a
Rosario feast, you will testify that it is good, good, good!  He had Aaron
doing all the same work that a grown up does and treated him in an adult
manner.  It has grown into quite a friendship and Rosario knows he has a
loyal hand to help.  A chance meeting became something wonderful for him.
Just remember, the world is neat place if you let it happen, ay?!!  As a
result of the work that people saw Aaron doing in the kitchen and around the
the events, he was granted his AoA at Kingdom Warlord last year.


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