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I might suggest a fairly simple idea, we determine what constraints we are
putting on design of weapons being used by youths.  The padded weapons clubs
have developed a pretty sophisticated method of weapon design that is pretty
detailed.  Second, are these weapons to be considered 'kid toys' or
'training weapons'.  The reason I ask that is the 'kids toy' concept means
highly soft weapons that couldn't be much more than a foam club, the
'training weapon type would be the more sold (and closer to the Amtgard/HFS
design) type and CAN pack a nasty wallop (ask Catriona about bruises)
depending on who wields them and how.

What type of "armor" are we thinking about (if any) for children?  Needs to
be cheap, light-weight, and easy to make.

What cost of building and who builds said weapons?

Are we planning special kids events (note that the same weapons could be
used at School demos as well) or are these for whenever the need comes up?

What sort of limitations do we set, just playing with them or is this a
tourney concept?

Just some thoughts.

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> Guillaume wrote:
> >First: Let's do something to keep from losing our teens to
> Amptguard, LARP,
> >and ren faires.
> >Second: Let them do something more interesting than toting armor
> and tents,
> >like Boffer Tourneys.
> >Third: Let the 16 and 17 yr olds on the list field with the
> adults. Corpora
> >doesn't object.
> So, basically, it comes down to this.  As parents of older teens, we want
> our kids to be able to do these things.  Now, how are we gonna accomplish
> it?  Is there a procedure?  What do we need to do?
> Ulrica

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