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Ches wrote:
> I need a little more information about cloved oranges.

Don't know about stuff online, but I whipped out the old
Knowne World Handbook, and what follows is exerpted
from an article in it written in 1982 by Lady Maeve of Caernavon.

When you accept a cloven fruit from a member of the opposite
sex, it is up to you to set the limits.  The person proffering the
lemon (or orange, or whatever - I have even seen cloven onions
and dog biscuits!) should be sensitive enough to realize when those
limits have been reached.  When you take the fruit, gently nip a clove
from the surface, and then, as delicately, remove it from your teeth with
the fingers of your other hand.  Whether or not you actually bite the clove
is a matter of personal taste - althought the idea of using a clove is to
sweeten the breath, some people simply do not like the strong taste!
The donor should then allow the recipient to make the advance.  This gives
the recipient more of a chance to set the limits, whether that is the proffering a
hand, or a full-fledged kiss.  ( A gentleman would obviously look silly proffering
his hand - it has been suggested to me that offering a cheek is a good idea.)

As an example, let's assume you are a reasonably attractive male who has just
spied an absolutely delectable lady across the hall.  As luck would have it, you
have a cloved fruit.  You present it to her with your most gallant flourish.  She says,
"Thank you." and holds out her hand.  Should you be crushed? Of course not!  She
might have a lord - or a cold.  Give her hand a gentle kiss, smile, and leave knowing
youv'e had the opportunity to make a new aquaintance.
A cloven fruit is also a welcoming gesture.  Let us try to remember; the gentle tradition
of cloven fruit is not a game of seeing how many kisses you can collect from how many
people, but a gesture of welcome or friendship that can truly be done with Courtesy.

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