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At 09:57 PM 7/9/98 PDT, you wrote:
>Good evening all!  Believe it or not, I will FINALLY get
>to attend my first Pennsic Wars this year!  And as a
>naturally curious person, I would like to hear about some
>of your experiences!  I've been told about the "Men without
>Pants" party, and a couple of others, BUT I'd love to get
>more info on what it's been like for may
>definitely include any observations on the really good stuff
>to take in.......and anything else an uninhibited, single, CB
>from Ansteorra might find amusing (be warned I have a strange
>sense of humor).

Pennsic does seem to be rather uh... "uninhibited" probably *is* the best
word for it. 
It's been several years since I went, so things could have changed, but I
recall the Japanase fertility rite parade, and stories about the "classic"
swimming hole. Also, the alcohol seems to flow rather freely, and the noise
level at night can be rather overwhelming in some areas.

On a more practical level, bring some comfortable shoes--Pennsic involves a
lot of walking on hilly and fairly rocky terrain. Assume the weather will
be hot, cold and wet and pack clothes accordingly (most folks suggest
keeping one complete change of clothes in a plastic bag in your car, so
you've got *something* dry to wear when your tent gets flooded.) Bring the
most luxurious bed you can manage--spending a week on a 1/2" foam pad or
leaky air mattress is *not* recommended.
Oh yes, and money. Lots of money. The merchants at Pennsic are unparalleled.

	-Tivar Moondragon

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