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Fri Jul 10 04:03:06 PDT 1998

> Good evening all!  Believe it or not, I will FINALLY get
> to attend my first Pennsic Wars this year!  And as a
> naturally curious person, I would like to hear about some
> of your experiences!  I've been told about the "Men without
> Pants" party, and a couple of others, BUT I'd love to get
> more info on what it's been like for others.........

> Caterina

When you go wandering in the evenings looking for interesting 
parties, always have something with you to bribe the camp guards.  
Alcohol and food/candy always work.  So can less tangible bribes.  

Volunteer to work security.  You get to see alot of Pennsic that way 
and you meet lots of people.  Besides, Kein could use the help.  He's 
in charge of Security for all of Pennsic this year.


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