ANST - Final Royal Court

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Fri Jul 10 12:47:58 PDT 1998

     Timo asked:
>Does anyone know when TRM Richard and Gladwen's final court will be? 
>(Iknow i know, whenever they want:P )
>Its an 8 hour trip, so a rough guess would be nice.
     Here's what Baroness Gunhilda sent to me:
     >The schedule for Saturday, so far, is as follows:
     >10:00am Great Officers meeting
     >12:00 - Richard & Gladwen step down
     >@1:30 - Coronation
     >@3:00 - peer circles, landeds, Centurions & Scarves 6:00pm  Feast
     >rest of evening (hopefully) devoted to dancing, singing and having 
     >fun.  Oh, and the museum has elected to stay open for us from 6:00 to 
     >10:00pm.  So we have our own private viewing of everything, if we 

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