ANST - Re: [TY] Medieval History Books

sabella sabella at
Sun Jul 12 16:51:40 PDT 1998

speaking of books history and otherwise...try visiting this site.  For those of
you who have never heard.
Project Gutenburg has been around long before we had
GUI interface and the WWW.  I used to FTP to it on a regular basis, then forgot
it existed.
Tonight my sig. o.'s nephew mentioned a book he is waiting ina long line to get
at the library....I mentioned pg,
and then spent the next 2 hours trying to find the darn site, gave up call the
univ of s. fla library...
her tis...
and this is another cool part of the site with more books online to download.
[if I messed it up, it is the other books page, and it has
a section entitled.....''interpeting ancient manuscripts web'']
have fun
annie macdonald

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