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Fox Anton Purtill fpurtill at
Mon Jul 13 11:19:34 PDT 1998

Good peoples of the land,

I have a Dell Latitude Pentium 150 notebook for sale.  Primarily I am in
need of expanding my desktop system, so would be willing to trade it for
less cash + parts I need.

It has:
12.5" display (color)
32MB Ram
4 battery packs (that's about 16 hours total)
2GB Hard Drive
Power Supply
External Keyboard
Carry Case

Total $1,500 (OBO) (Why so much?  2 reasons, those battery packs are about
$200 each and it has a larger hard drive). I might be willing to lower the
price for some barter exchange as well.

If interested send me e-mail or call 512-425-9732 and ask for Fox (it's my
direct line anyway).

Fox Anton Purtill : Programmer/Web Design
  blackfox at / khoijer at

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