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Sir Pendaran wrote:

<the following has been heavily edited - but with great difficulty>

> Riccardo passed from the world of men, leaving Ansteorra poorer for
> having lost him, but richer for having known him.
> No one could think of a sword with a
> greater heart and more glorious history than Riccardo's blade. No one
> could think of a better sword for Ansteorra.
> 	Therefore, at His final court, Rischard, king of Ansteorra,
> called forth the Lions, who bore Riccardo's blade. The Lions offered to
> their king the sword, and the king did accept it. Holding the sword
> aloft, the king proclaimed that Riccardo's sword had become the
> kingdom's sword, and the kingdom rejoiced at His proclamation.

And so, legends are made..........and I freely confess, I wept at Pendarans'
account of the deeds done at Coronation.  This my friends, is the "why we
play", and the reason I'm proud to be an Ansteorran.  I can think of no better
sword to be representative of the strength of our Kingom than that of Sir
Riccardo.  May his memory be always in our hearts and minds, as it will now
be embodied in the sword he crafted.
Thank you Pendaran, for the beauty of your words, for I know your heart is in
them as well.

HE Caterina Coeur Noir
Bryn Gwlad

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