ANST - Re: Amtgard vs. the SCA

Fox Anton Purtill fpurtill at
Tue Jul 14 06:15:33 PDT 1998

Ok, this I agree with.  The money factor stems from two things.  They are
not aware of how low cost garb can be (correctable), many of them feel the
SCA is too dangerous (they are in Amtgard for the fighting for the most
part, arts and science don't interest most of them much).  Also thing brings
up that the cost of SCA in terms of membership is not exactly something many
students know how to budget for.  And lastly, time.  I spoke with several
Amtgarders this last weekend and found that the biggest concern is
weeknights and location.

> > I disagree about the money. The people I knew (way back when) could
> > easily have been in the SCA.
> events, the blue and gold particolored T-tunic and pants, and the
> gray and purple T-tunic and hat were both considered to be very
> fancy) They were stunned to find that the blue and gold outfit was
> about $8 worth of cotton broadcloth, 2 $7 pairs of sweats, and a
> couple bucks worth of bias tape. The gray and purple was bargain bin
> 60" fabric from WalMart totaling about $4-6. A lot of what they see
> as prohibitive isn't really, they just haven't been shown the reality
> of it.

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