ANST - Re: Kids with Boffers

Fox Anton Purtill fpurtill at
Tue Jul 14 06:20:40 PDT 1998

> You can go to Walmart or Toys "R" Us, buy your kids Nerf swords

Yes, you could.  But that kind of weapon won't get you the Amtgard types,
too flimsy and useless.  They know well how to fight near SCA style, and
within rules of chivalry (and those that don't CAN be taught).  They go to
get into some high level combat and simple 'play' 'kids' toys just are not
going to interest them.

As I see it you are looking to attract youngsters that Amtgard is taking.
You need to see what they see, not what you think is right for them.  Go by
and take a look at an Amtgard weapon, or I'll arrange to have a few brought
to fighter practice.  These are not simple foam swords.  This is what
attracts, it hits with a thwop, a good solid impact but no harm when used
correctly.  They may be kids playing, but they've graduated from nerf

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