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Tue Jul 14 09:22:43 PDT 1998

Okay, folks, I'm back from Coronation with feedback from the Kingdom level
on this matter.

First, I would like to thank the *86* parents who mailed in letters of
support to me on this idea.  I think I really have a good idea of what our
parents want and I intend to go ahead and pursue this with a full head of

Essentially, it went like this last weekend:

I approached our Kingdom KM, Sir Karl, with a copy of the Easts 'Rules of
the Youth Lists' (a wordy document that is extremely representative of that
kingdoms personality, IMO) and his response was that until it gets cleared
through the Kingdom Senechal and the King, he doesn't want to discuss rules.
Basically, the message was, "Make it *feasable* through them first and then
we can work out the details through the marshallate afterwards.  To do any
work on one before the other is moot."  To me, this made sense.

So I approached Sir Burke with it.

His response was that if I send up a formal written proposal, with proposed
rules attatched, he will take it under consideration.   I got the impression
that it wouldn't hurt to get the input of a few of our lawyers on the
subject, and included their input in the proposal.

I also showed it to HM Barn but he was a bit busy with some kind of kind of
coronation stuff to look it over well.

My course of action at this point:

1.  Look for Texas and Oklahoma lawyers in the sca who will give me a legal
opinion on what course of action should be taken to safely (for the kids and
for the sca) make this happen- if there is such a way.  The sticky part of
this is that they would have to give a professional opinion pro bono- sewing
doesn't allow for a big enough bank account to pay out legal fees.  As a
starting point, we may want to look at the legalities of running a modern
full-contact karate dojo.

2.  I will draft a proposal coversheet that basically says: "The parents and
the children in the kingdom would like to see the following happen:"

3.  I will then draft a set of rules based on the Easts (hopefully less
wordy), Atenveldts (waiver system already in place), Caids (haven't seen it
yet, but I know it's out there somewhere), and Artemesias (ditto).  Anything
y'all see on any of these kingdoms rules that you would like to see in ours,
just give me a ring or drop me a line.  Same goes for things you *don't*
want included.

4.  I will attatch the lawyers input.

5.  I will attatch proposed consent or waiver forms if necessary.  (I think
this is going to be necessary)

6.  Here's where y'all come in... I will attatch a petition with as many
signatures on it as I can get, child or adult, of Ansteorrans who want this
to happen.  At the top of each sheet will be printed: "We would like to see
boffer legal in the Kingdom of Ansteorra.  Please weigh our desires when the
final decision is made."

If any of y'all want to help get signatures, write to this list and I will
appoint you in charge for your area.  Make sure you get a response from me
first, so we don't have ten folks in one shire getting signatures.
Essentially what I'll do is have you draft up your own form, fifty signature
lines to a sheet, with the text from the previous paragraph at the top.
Make sure that nobody signs twice.

I think this will work.  Four other kingdoms have it and we have lots of
other full contact sports for youths in both Texas and Oklahoma so I don't
see it failing legally.

If someone would please do me the courtesy of posting this to the South,
West, Central, and North Regional lists, I would be much obliged. (the Coast
still doesn't have a list, right?)


Ritter Dieterich

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