ANST - Lyonel's Radical Scheme for SRFP

Dennis Grace sirlyonel at
Wed Jul 15 11:00:17 PDT 1998

Salut Cozyns,

Lyonel aisai.

[Please pass on this notice to your not-e-mail-enabled friends and 

Don't forget:  Tempio will be hosting Southern Regional Fighter Practice 
(SRFP) at their usual fighter practice site on Sunday, August 16. It's a 
pleasant, wide open park complete with public restrooms, water, covered 
picnic space, playground for the kiddies, and barbecues.

This is a practice.  There is no site fee. 

Plan to start fighting about noon.  Bring armor, your melee weapons of 
choice, and--for the cooldown period following the fighting, bring a 
side dish to share and a piece of something dead to toss on the 
barbecue.  Tempio's gonna supply the coals.

The site is JayCee Park 2302 W. Ave. Z in Temple.  To get there from the 
south, take I-35 to exit 299.  Take a right turn off of the access road 
onto highway .  Go east to the 57th street exit (if you go under the 
overpass, you've gone too far) and turn left onto 57th street.  Pass one 
traffic light and take an immediate right onto W. Avenue Z, which will 
dead end at the park.

>From other directions--aw, jeez, I don't know.  Somebody from Tempio 
help me out here.

As with the Shadowlands practice, this will be an *inclusively* Southern 
Regional practice.  In other words, all fighters are welcome--the more 
the merrier.  

The plan (well, at least this is what I'd *like* to do):  melees.  Lots 
of melees.  I'd like to see us *not* work in our accustomed subgroups.  
We'll review the commands (I'm assuming *somebody* will remember the 
commands) and then split the whole passel randomly for the ensuing 

Why randomly? you ask.

Well, think back on Gulf Wars for a moment.  When our troops got broken 
up, they tried to reform as shire, barony, or household groups. 
Sometimes that just doesn't work.  If, on the other hand, we learn to 
reform as Campoleon (I know, not an official name, but it'll make a cool 
battle cry), we'll be able to regroup more readily, with a larger pool 
of fighters.

I'd also like to do some work with groups on 
*how to flank a unit, 
*how to stop a flanking action, and 
*how to confound attempts to stop a flanking action.

Unfortunately, since this is a public park, missile weapons will not be 

lo vostre por vos servir
Sir Lyonel Oliver Grace, Capitan
Bryn Gwlad
Micel yfel deth se unwritere.
		--AElfric of York

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