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by Sudrith The Blue Dragon and Taldin the Unicorn

"All this talk about ratings and gentlemen, just made me think; the roles
of men and women in this day and age are supposed to be fairly equivalent,
or a reasonable facsimile thereof.   Personally, I think maturity comes
from the heart, not from what's above or below your belt."

"I've met mature people of all ages; seriously mature kids, and seriously
childish adults.   Most of them I wouldn't trust to pick me up at an
airport, let alone make it to a place on time.  Dependability is a rare
thing; they may be friends, but not necessarily friends you can count on in
a clinch."

" the same time, they say that there are oh-so-few romantics, and
chivalrous folks."

"So.  I propose a third ratings category, one for knights and knaves, and  
princesses, and *cough* non-princesses alike."


King among Kings: Yon gentleman and true princess;  these are folks who
come out in the driving rain when you're sick, or sad.  Who send you 
reminders to let you know you aren't forgotten; call you on your birthday. 
People who stay in touch with you over years and years, never hold a
grudge, trust you to assay at least half the effort on them, but don't
blame you if you don't.   People you trust at your back, not
just not to stab you in it, but to cover it.  The ones you're willing to
admit to your family, 'yea, this is a good friend of mine', and know they
aren't going to make a fool of you and make your parents question your
"Probably most of all, they do it because they're your friends, not because
they're interested in your body, or because they're in love with you; just
because they like you enough for what you are."
"It's a non-gender specific thing;  I've a dear friend who'll take down any
man in a fair fight and then some; she's saved my tail a couple of times. 
Who'd understand when I blew up at her, and always took me back when I came
back to apologize, no questions asked.  A lady knight in arms, when I
needed a defender the most."

Court Wizard: The problem-solver; the one who means well as they bulldoze
their way through your toughest problem, smile, and hand it to you. You
can't get angry at them, because they got you out of your jam, but you just
can't get them to understand that you wanted to do it yourself.
They do it because they're your friend, and they're there to help you out;
the kind that do it, asking nothing in return, just out of the goodness of
their heart.    You go out of your way for these people, because they do it
for you.   Probably can't share a house with them, depending on your
personality, especially if you're a do-it-yourselfer, but you always like
having them come visit.

Royal Courtier:  Here's your true gentlemen and lady category; these are
the people who are out to get close to you, in a polite sort of way; who
make your life more interesting and beautiful by their presence. Not
necessarily there to get you to take them as your own, but they wouldn't
mind if you did.  These are the people your husband gets jealous of because
they visit so much.   And when you tell them that you need to be away from
them because of it, they understand.
"Lets do lunch, sometime when things cool off.",they say.  Not quite a King
Among Kings, because they have their own lives to run, but they're pretty
darn close.

Royal Advisor:  Similar to the Court Wizard; the Advisor is always there to
listen to your problems with a subtle nod of the head, an 'ah.. such a
pity..' and 'truly not a goodness, sirrah.' at appropriate spots.  A
sounding board, and offers an opinion and advice when asked for, only when
asked for, and doesn't grump when you don't take that advice, at least not
outwardly so.

Court Appointee:  One down from the Courtier and Advisor; these are your
'friends of friends', the people whom you don't call unless there's a group
gathering, and sometimes then just to avoid hurting peoples feelings.  A
group of Court Appointees can be cool to hang around with, but they're
always trying to upstage each other, steal the show, get your attention
specifically..  Two notches up from Rosencrantz and Guildenstern.    The
ones your parents get mixed up, and the ones you'd rather not have them
remember.  They give good advice and mean well, but sometimes can have
ulterior motives, or give what they think would work best for them, not
necessarily the best for you. 

Suitor:  These are the ones whom are trying to curry your favor; they're
best and brightest when they're right next to you.  Not necessarily 'bad',
just looking up to you like you're the next best thing to sliced bread. 
The ones who don't see you for you, but for the image they have of you; not
neccessarily bad, depending on you, but things can get ugly if you accept
their suit and then can't live up to the painted image they have of you.

Knight:  Your go-getters; they champion your cause to others, sometimes
without your permission (or knowledge!)  The ones who need the armor to
protect them, as you cover your eyes when they go tilting at the windmills
you'd have rather left alone.   Knights can be Suitors, depending on their
motivation and loyalty to you.  They make very bad Advisors, because they
act on what you tell them, even when you tell them specifically not to. 
They mean well, but can be more trouble than they're worth.
A Knight in love is a dangerous thing; spurn him or her too much and they
may become a Black Knight, the ones that try and protect you from the
people you -are- interested in..

Fool:  The one you -don't- bring home to the family.  Because they're good
for comic relief, but -embarassing- to the parents; worse still, these tend
to be the ones who _want_ to know you and your family. The ones who do
ridiculous things in the hope of getting a laugh, and get all sad when they
can't make you laugh.   Fools, well, make a fool out of themselves when
they try and court you.   Some people
like funny folk in their life; just be prepared never to be taken

Knave:  Look out.  Peasant people, who don't know or understand the concept
of being 'noble', 'honorable', or 'just.'  Who can't wield the magic of
words or the heart, who just laze about in the world hoping some Noble folk
will take them in and elevate their status.  More bad news than a Fool,
because they aren't even funny; can't even 
make you laugh.  And you're taking a fish out of water when you take on a

Black Knight:  The worst of all.  Out to use and abuse, with all the tricks
of a Court Wizard and Courtier to get under your skin and into your life.  
Clever Black Knights hide their dark side, or make it look like an
accident, or worse still, 'your fault.'   A Black Knight is your worst
knightmare, who'll lie to your friends in order to cut you off from your
support, get and keep control of you, trying to be the ruler behind the
throne.  If you consider yourself the ruler of your own destiny, once you
reach the age of adulthood, then you'd do well to keep a good court about
you, and watch out for those pesky Black Knights.."

Dragon:  A conflagaration mix of many things, the presence at your back who
sets things on fire, swoops in and grabs the prince(ss),  advises in wisdom
or silly, and brings a happy chaos to your life. These are folks who make
good best friends, along with King among Kings, even when they steal your
girlfriend/boyfriend's heart away, you forgive them.  They're not really
interested in you romantically, but you are a neat shiny thing for them to
be with.  There are Foolish Dragons, and Wizard dragons, but all of them
promise to make life hot for you."

"Unicorn: A Court Wizard and Court Advisor, often off doing something on
their own, posessing a special blend of magic and wisdom that's rare
indeed.   Can give off a disturbing air of 'all-knowingness.',  whether
they do actually know things or not, but you like them because they're
special folks.   Healers, helpers, and all around respectable folk.   The
ones your parents say, 'my, (s)he's quiet..', on meeting them, and don't
know what else to say besides 'They're nice.' about."

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