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Someone on a list asked whether it was appropriate for the subject of the
competition to be something dating from the 1640's, which is post-period,
and I was given the following to post in reply and to all the lists:

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"Although King Charles' waistcoat is dated from 1649, it is well-known to
SCA people.  There are other surviving examples from slightly earlier in
period, in the 16th century, in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  One is a
boy's waistcoat, with 3/4 length sleeves, front opening, and flared 
"peplum" at the waist, the other is a front opening, sleeveless adult
jacket.  There are others. The boy's jacket was shown in the catalog of the
Textile Museum's looping and knitting exhibition last year. 

The goal of the competition is to showcase the skill of the knitters of the
  Knowne Worlde, and to increase awareness of period knitting in general."

        Please feel free to post the passages in quotes on your list.

        Thanks again!


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Morgan again:

I went to the Textile Museum and saw the exhibit.  The boy's jacket is
rather elaborate and discouraging to those of us whose colourwork is still
being practiced.  Having a plain item to reproduce is much better.

And if we really wanted to try period knitting, I have some sock patterns,
not the stockings but real socks with thick cotton yarn.......

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