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>Does/did Ansteorra have a college of scribes?
Yes It is Part of the College of Heralds, 
>How was it organized?
It is headed By Star Signet Herald (currently Curstaidh Magorlick)who 
has two staff deputies: Sable Scroll Pursuivant, incharge of Scrolls and 
Regalia and providing them to the Crown( currently Annastatia Marie 
Travarra) and Stellar Scroll Who is in charge of regestering Achievments 
(currently Ulf Gunnarsson jruble at ) From ther it goes to the 
regional Scribes (listed in the black star) Full addresses for the first 
three are available from yuor local Herald, tell them to look in the 
>Why does it no longer seem to exist? (Is there a good reason? Do 
>things work better now without it?)
I don't Know that things work better without it but in most areas things 
Just have to work without it because people don't Know about it.

>How do other kingdoms organize their scribes?
I don't Know
>Is there a demand in other parts of the kingdom for scribes and 
>people to teach calligraphy and illumination?
Yes Very Much so, many groups have had a very hard time obtaining 
scrolls to paint or finding out what to do with them once they are done. 
Same with regalia, This is not a good thing as these activities are 
highly rewarding, fun and crucial to the Kingdom!

>I would like to start a discourse on this subject, but I confess that 
>I'm really quite ignorant about it.
 looks like Discourse Has begun!

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