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Greetings from Baroness Neassa of Stargate,

Ld Darius of The Bells wrote: (in answer to Gunhilda's questions:)
> >Does/did Ansteorra have a college of scribes?
> >How was it organized?
> It is headed By Star Signet Herald (currently Curstaidh Magorlick)who
> has two staff deputies: Sable Scroll Pursuivant, incharge of Scrolls and
> Regalia and providing them to the Crown( currently Annastatia Marie
> Travarra) and Stellar Scroll Who is in charge of regestering Achievments
> (currently Ulf Gunnarsson jruble at ) From ther it goes to the
> regional Scribes (listed in the black star) Full addresses for the first
> three are available from yuor local Herald, tell them to look in the
> Gazzette.

Baroness Curstaidh has had the job of Star Signet for about a week; at
TRM Barn and Katriona's Coronation she and Mistress Annastatia traded
jobs. Curstaidh has been Sable Scroll three times (I think), so she is
well aware of the pressing need for more scrolls, and therefore more
calligraphers and illuminators in the Kingdom. Unfortunately she does
not currently have access to email, but she does live fairly close to me
and I will try to keep her up to date on this conversation.

In Stargate we have an active Charter Painting Guild which meets twice a
month for the sole purpose of painting Kingdom award scrolls. At one
point in Richard and Gladwen's reign they were meeting weekly trying to
supply enough scrolls to offset the deficit in the Kingdom. The Barony
supplies a certain amount of money for the special paint used on the
scrolls (guauche?), and other expenses. I think it is $35 a year, but I
would have to check with my treasurer on that. 

I will check with Lady Vasalisa, the head of the guild, to see if she
has a personal email account. The only email address I have for her is
her husband's work account, and I don't want to publish that here
without their express permission. That way you could ask her any
specific questions you may have about starting a guild in your area.

In service,
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