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Fri Jul 17 18:54:33 PDT 1998

Just htought I would comment on a film that Lady Marguerite and I viewed
''mask of zorro''

I cannot recomend it highly enough.
It do not think I can remember a movie in recent history that kept me so
enthralled for every second.
Anthony Hopkins is Don Diego, a very hansome Don Diego.
Antonio Banderas is his protege.....and nearly every scene has a goodly
amount of sword [rapier?] fighting.
The story is excellent and there are some really good bad guys and of
course a beautiful young maiden.......

The costuming is excellent most of the movie takes place late
1840's/early 1850's....Elens' clothes are magnificent.
I want that gown she wears in the last scene.

Great period guns, flintlocks mostly.....handguns are cap and ball for
the most part.

there is a dance scene..........

aw heck go see it...I intend to do it at minimum a second time and most
certianly shall own my own copy ......

Now if we can only get filmmakers to make more period peices.
In service to thunder and the dream
anne macdonald
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