ANST - was: re ... new thread: 101 medieval uses for a spammer

sabella sabella at
Fri Jul 17 20:01:34 PDT 1998

yeah we need a moderator like him here in Trimaris.....
what do they charge to clone The Pug?  and brew.....hmm
sounds like a real deal......

j'lynn yeates wrote:

> On 16 Jul 98, at 22:17, sabella wrote:
> > hey at least in ansteorra you got a pug.....
> > in I got the same spam 4 seperate times I downloaded
> > email to day....each time I delete it comes back - like my cat to the
> > litter box.....sigh....
> one of the supreme compliments, when your name becomes a noun ...
> maybe we should clone him and start leasing the clones out .... we'ld be
> making some money for the trasuries and doing a great public service at
> the same time (by the by, he also brews so it wouldn't be a cheap deal ...)
> 'wolf
> ... When we hunt, we all function with one mind
> ... - Boingo, Pedestrian Wolves
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