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Pug Bainter pug at
Sat Jul 18 06:57:54 PDT 1998

Pug Bainter said something that sounded like:
>   If you are a group's Virtual Scribe and would like to have the webpage
>   located at your group's name under Ansteorra.ORG, please contact me
>   privately. This service will require a willing and able ISP to do
>   virtual hosting for your group. If you don't know what this is, please
>   contact your ISP to see if they will offer you the service and if it
>   will cost you anything.
>   As well, for those officers and territorial nobility that want an
>   address relayed from Ansteorra.ORG, please contact me. I will be setup
>   and alias that will go to your usual email box, but you can publish
>   <title>@<group>.Ansteorra.ORG.

Btw, this service is also available for Regional groups and officers if
they so choose.


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