ANST - Pictures of new Estrella Site(Schnepf Farms)

David & Kai Kurnik element at
Sat Jul 18 22:32:21 PDT 1998


     In recent weeks there has been much discussion across the SCA
concerning Schnepf Farms, the Baron's War XIII Site, and more notably the
site of Estrella 99'.  Unfortunately few of those concerned have had the
opportunity to evaluate the site first hand.

     It is my pleasure to shed some light on this matter by presenting some
long awaited images of Schnepf Farms.  You will find many images of the
camping and fighting areas along with clear information on local services,
and specific site information.

     I would like to invite all to preview the site at the upcoming Baron's
War held on November 20-22nd. 1998 CE.

     Please feel free to direct questions concerning Schnepf Farms to me.

Baron's War/Schnepf Farms Web site

In Service,

Dietrich von Hammerstien  KSCA, OP...
Baron Twin Moons
Baron's War VIII Autocrat

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