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Sun Jul 19 07:00:27 PDT 1998

> I remember when Cadi of Stargate was bemoaning the fact that in the SCA, she had twenty sets of "parents" watching over her. She wasn't all that unhappy at the thought though. I think that helps a lot in the parenting and the growing of children in our Society.

have a thunderpup here in trimaris that is just as that age where she is betwixt a woman and a child...but still  a very dangerous child [smiles] and she belly dances.We constantly threaten her and my dtr with makeing them favors that say ''dungeon bait''.  they are not amused.
but they know that no where they go that they they are not watched by thunder clan.  It has its advantages tho...they know that they cannot get into trouble without someone knowing and reporting back on them.

mt dtr once disappeared for 4 hours, was doing nothing wrong, but did not let us know where she was. Her punishment was rather brutal in her eyes.  When she did show up I made her sit in the feast hall [was directing feast servers at the time] and told her that she would be dealt with when I finished.  She sat there alligator tears flowing a number of gentles came over to console her, and each time they found out what her transgression was.
the abruptly left her to her tears [grins].  Her punishment was that she was to not only tell ME where she was going but to find every other female in Kase Thunder and tell them also, esp our Matriarch.  She likes it not, but now willingly complies.  I have not the time or energy to chase down a 14 yr old.

> Also SCA children are taught that it is okay to go to another adult and ask questions regarding their craft, art or fighting style.

and usually actually sit and listen to them as well...try that one in the mundane world.annie

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