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Tue Jul 21 07:25:19 PDT 1998

Good Morning,

  As the office of the Virtual Scribe transitioned, the need for a
  Virtual Scribes' handbook became necessary. No longer could the
  information be kept in my head since I would no longer be doing the 
  duties of the office. Because of this need, I have written a Virtual
  Scribes' Handbook and have made it available.

  This handbook will help Virtual Scribes know what their duties are and
  aren't. It will also help those confused by or interested in what the
  office is supposed to entail besides HTML programming. As well, it
  will explain some of the policies regarding what can and can't be made
  available as well as permission needed for different items.

  The Virtual Scribes' Handbook can currently be found at:

  An earlier draft (soon to be updated) is currently available with the
  other on-line handbooks at:

  This information will also be distributed via US mail to the Regional
  Chroniclers to be distributed to the local Chroniclers and Virtual

  Due to the nature of this document, the on-line version will always be
  the most current available.

In Service to the Kingdom,

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