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Tue Jul 21 08:03:59 PDT 1998

> hey at least in ansteorra you got a pug.....
> in I got the same spam 4 seperate >times I
downloaded email to
> day....each time I delete it comes back - like my cat >to the litter
> box.....sigh....

Normally, I'd reply privately, but these things tend to happen to
everybody from time to time, and if one of us is getting a spam that
breaks the POP mail server like this, we all may be on the spaamer's
list, so here goes.

When you get an email, particularly a spam, (due to spammers' nature,
they often have broken header settings that cause this) that comes
again every time you check your email, it's possible that you have
your email client set to 'leave messages on server.' There are two
ways to fix the returning message problem.

1) Turn off the leave mail on server option
    Probably the best solution, but not always an 
option for some people, since this may prevent
them from getting their mail from another location 

2) Manually delete the message.
    This one's a little tougher, but 100% effective if it's a broken
First, telnet to your POP mail host. This is most likely or some variant. If in doubt, call your ISP and ask
for the POP host name, then use the 'Run' box in the win95 Start menu
or another telnet client if you have one to telnet to port 110 of that
machine. This should be something along the lines of
telnet 110
You will eventually see a line or two of information about the machine
in the telnet window, then type
user yourusername
pass yourpassword
You'll see a list of messages and their lengths. Use retr to check
them until you find the problem message, i.e.:
retr 1
(displays first message)
retr 2
(displays second message, etc.)
Then, once you have the number of the bad message, use dele to get rid
of it, i.e, if the problem message is number 12, use
dele 12
when you're done, type 
to end the session.

Example of all this:
<me>      telnet 110
<system>, Server version info
<me>      user joeb
<system>Enter password for joeb
<me>      pass yeahright
<system>joeb has 2 messages
<me>      list
<system>[lists message numbers and sizes]
<me>      retr 1
<system>[shows first message, looks like the problem]
<me>      dele 1
<system>message 1 deleted
<me>      quit
<system>Session terminated

There are probably other resources on this that go into more detail,
and your ISP's tech support may be willing to do it for you (be
careful, though as some fix this problem by clearing your entire
mailbox, and at any rate, they will have to read through your mail to
find the problem message otherwise)

Good luck dodging the spammers,

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