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j'lynn yeates wrote:
> On 1 Jul 98, at 1:19, jhartel wrote:
> > 25.Woad yields blues.  Native to Europe, western Asia and North Africa.
> > Celtic tribes used woad as a skin dye. The name "Britain" is said to
> > derive from the Celtic word "brith", which means paint.  It is said that
> > Glastonbury recied it's name from "glastum", meaning blue.
> have heard discussion that woad wasn't used to paint the skin ... but as a
> tattoo ink (looks the same from a distance, and to cultures that had no
> tradition of such body adornment, whould have been described as "paint").
> any references?.
> 'wolf

I've heard that mentioned before also. Take a look at this file in the
PERSONAL CARE (or possibly the UNCLASSIFIED, my info here at work
may be wrong) section. This file I believe discusses both sides of this
argument and gives various referances.

Stefan li Rous
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