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Dennis Grace wrote:
> Lyonel aisai.
> Pug posted:
> >  The Virtual Scribes' Handbook can currently be found at:
> >
> >

> I remember once--way back when I was a landed baron a billion miles from
> here--we had a little temporary financial difficulty with our
> newsletter.  Our chronicler--an enterprising youngster--decided to take
> matters into her own hands.  She arranged for the local Tandy Leather
> store to run an ad with us.  Of course, the Kingdom Chronicler
> immediately informed us that she was *not* allowed to do that.  We found
> other ways to address our problem, but I had intended to look into that
> bizarre regulation when time allowed.  Then I forgot.

The reason for this is the difficulty in tracking the money recieved for
the advertisements at the local level and accounting for it at the upper
level with the IRS. This is why Tournaments Illuminated can and does
have paid advertisments and local newsletters cannot.

There is more discussion of this in this file in the SCA-INC section of
my Florilegium files:

SCA-pub-msg        (9K)  1/ 9/95    SCA publication policies.

> Now, Pug's publication of the Virtual Scribe's handbook tells me:
> >>>>>>>>>>>>
> Since paid and non-paid advertisements are not allowed, direct links to
> merchants, companies, etc., are not permitted. A careful inspection of
> websites requested to be linked up should be made to help ensure that
> they are not a merchant nor attempting to avoid this limitation in any
> manner.
> <<<<<<<<<<<<

If nothing changes hands, I don't see a problem with these links. But I
don't have to manage this bearucracy or justify things to the same
bearucracy. I don't see a link as an advertisement, unpaid or otherwise.

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