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Tue Jul 21 18:47:53 PDT 1998

Mark.S Harris said something that sounded like:
> > Since paid and non-paid advertisements are not allowed, direct links to
> > merchants, companies, etc., are not permitted. A careful inspection of
> > websites requested to be linked up should be made to help ensure that
> > they are not a merchant nor attempting to avoid this limitation in any
> > manner.
> If nothing changes hands, I don't see a problem with these links. But I
> don't have to manage this bearucracy or justify things to the same
> bearucracy. I don't see a link as an advertisement, unpaid or otherwise.

The problem is the definition of what a non-paid advertisement is. If
you link to an armor merchant, are you endorsing and advertising for
them? This unfortunately has been a very grey area that the Kingdom
Chronicler's office has choose to avoid to date.

Btw, because of sites like Geocities, there are certain advertisements
(those automatically done by your ISP) that are allowed by the


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