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This is just too funny to confine to the heralds' list. For those who
are wondering, Karina was very, very early in the Laurel Sovereign of
Arms lineup. Alphabet soup, anyone?

Julien de Montfort wrote:
> > His Majesty has an idea: he wants people with Awards and Grants of
> > Arms [to] be able to put initials indicating as much after their
> > names, and commands us to devise some. We suggest either A.A. and
> > G.A., or preferably Arm. A. and Arm. G.  [Irreverent footnote:
> > Actually, we prefer neither one and think it's a terrible idea, but
> > we will announce these and that should satisfy him. It isn't as if
> > anyone is going to use them.] (Karina of the Far West, 15 Jul 73
> > [42], p. 3)
> Hee hee.... priceless. ;-)
> Julien
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