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Wed Jul 22 08:40:56 PDT 1998

I tend to drift when the words principle and interest are used in the same
sentence also, however, I believe I have an answer to one point...

>Chronicler's policy sounds like a lot of hooey to me.  How does running
>an ad in a local newsletter present any more challenge for IRS reporting
>than holding a garage sale?

aren' non-profit (as I understand it). I have been in the pormotional
advertising business for 17 years and am drawing from that experience. We
can "sell" site fees because the event falls under a differnet catagory than
advertising does. Problem being, whoever pays for the advertisment is
usually in business FOR profit and we can't be a party to that as a
non-profit group, but selling a ticket to our own non-profit activity, the
profit from the ticket cost goes back to a non-profit organization and we do
have control of that.

I agree that we are missing out, but there is nothing to say an individual
can't put together their own personal or household flyer which wouldn't be
under SCA guidelines. On the same venue, links to a personal web page are
allowed (as I understand it), and "personal" webpages are also not under SCA
guidelines, so they can advertise away, (another home business brought to
you be acme the leader in internet spooge).

As far as links are concerned, I would like to see a shift from mechanics to
intent. A page of several vendors for interested parties to have access to
as information, your intent is to provide a service, but if you have only
one armorer, one ceramics, one leatherworker, etc, then it could be argued
that your intent is to direct peoples attention. The first being acceptable,
the second not.

My seven cents worth... and they are only meant to add to the discussion,
not supercede anyone else's point of view...

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