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Wed Jul 22 09:06:28 PDT 1998

Michael Heydon said something that sounded like:
> aren' non-profit (as I understand it).

I believe the technical term is Not-For-Profit and not Non-Profit. There
is a legal difference as I've been told. (Although this holds about as much
interest to me as financial stuff does to Lyonel.)

As well, if this was truly the case the corporate publications wouldn't
be allowed to sell advertising.

I can understand the concerns for bookkeeping issues though having seen
how laxical some groups can be regarding it.

> I agree that we are missing out, but there is nothing to say an individual
> can't put together their own personal or household flyer which wouldn't be
> under SCA guidelines. On the same venue, links to a personal web page are
> allowed (as I understand it), and "personal" webpages are also not under SCA
> guidelines, so they can advertise away, (another home business brought to
> you be acme the leader in internet spooge).

This is 100% acceptable. This is what I would recommend someone doing if
they so choose. I would recommend the person not be the current
webmaster nor a merchant so there is no confusion of the issue.

The wording was written in such a manner that someone offering a service of
gathering merchants together would be acceptable, but someone putting up
a page as a front-end for a single merchant was not.


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