ANST - Period Angling

John Yates ktmc at
Wed Jul 22 14:23:09 PDT 1998

A Good Wednesday Afternoon to Fellow Ansteorrans of the List!

   I am curious if there is any interest out there on period angling
here in Ansteoora. There is an article on it in TI, and there was also
an article on "The Antiquities of Angling" that appeared some months ago
in In-Fisherman magazine.
   I am wondering if there is enough interest to get some discussion and
fishing going in this regard. I have been giving it some thought, and
think there are some ways that those who enjoy both these Current Middle
Ages and the even older art of angling can combine those interests.
   There might be sufficient interest in getting a Fishingfolk Guild
going, although I don't know if there are any official perequisites to
doing that.
   There may even be those who are already doing this. I would like to
get feedback on this on the List, and if you want, you may e-mail me
privately at <ktmc at>
   Have a Great Day!

   Valstarr Hawkwind
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