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John Yates wrote:
> A Good Wednesday Afternoon to Fellow Ansteorrans of the List!
>    I am curious if there is any interest out there on period angling
> here in Ansteoora. There is an article on it in TI, and there was also
> an article on "The Antiquities of Angling" that appeared some months ago
> in In-Fisherman magazine.
>    Valstarr Hawkwind

Yes, I found the article in TI to be interesting. Here are some more
sources of information which also might be of interest. This message
is excerpted from the fishing-msg file in the ANIMALS section of
my Stefan's Florilegium.

Stefan li Rous
stefan at
(My files are on the web at:

Date: Fri, 30 May 1997 13:04:46 GMT
From: "Kirsten Garner @ Archaeology" <KGARNER at>
To: sca-arts at
Subject: Fishponds

A while back someone posted here asking about medieval fishponds.  I 
recently came across a couple of interesting sources and thought I 
would post them here in case she is still interested. :)

Aston, M (ed) 1988, Medieval Fish, Fisheries and Fishponds in 
England. BAR (British Archaeological Reports) British Series 182, vol 
1 and 2. Oxford. 

Currie, CK, 1990, 'Fishponds as Garden Features c. 1550-1750' in 
Garden History, 18 no. 1, p 22-46

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