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Keith Hood keith_dell at
Thu Jul 23 15:46:36 PDT 1998

I've been kind of reluctant to do this (jittery about putting my stuff 
up for public view, you know) but here goes:

I have put together a web site to serve as an information source about 
the next Gulf War, and here it is.


Where the Gulf War site covers scheduling and major topics, this site is 
intended to give details about the nuts-and-bolts of camping at the site 
and engaging in the fighting.  It focuses mainly on heavy combat and 
archery.  I hope as time goes on to expand its scope to cover light 
fighting as well.  I hope in the future to include a message directory 
so people who want to exchange information about the war can use it as a 
drop box for swapping ideas.

Right now it's a little thin in spots, and there are some things I could 
use from other people.  Especially information on where to find 
war-legal bows.  I haven't had much response on that so far, and I could 
really use more input.  I would also like to ask people to send pictures 
from previous wars, war stories, and suggestions for topics they want to 
see covered.  I can't guarantee to post everything due to space limits, 
but I'll put up whatever I can.

Updates in the future will include detailed plans of the fort, for the 
use of those thinking about boarding devices or where to site defensive 
works, and a rundown on how the resurrection battle works..  I also try 
to stay in touch with the event autocrats about new developments, and 
will post them as soon as they are received.

Anyway, I hope this does some good.  And even if it doesn't I hope it's 

Build arrows.  Shoot Trimarans.


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