ANST - Admin change on Ansteorran List (Was Re: August Southwind)

Pug Bainter pug at
Sat Jul 25 06:19:56 PDT 1998

leigh- at said something that sounded like:
> I have been asked to post the following letter to as many areas as
> possible.

Good Morning one and all,

  I am afraid I am going to be a dictator again.

  I have already grown tired, especially because of this most recent
  post to multiple Kingdom lists, of our Kingdom mailing list being
  pulled into another Kingdom's internal ugly politics.

  I truly appreciate the circumstances and am sorry that they are
  happening, but I do not believe in "trial by public opinion" as the
  Ansteorran list has seen over and over. I am sorry that proper
  channels in the Society did not give you the satisfaction you desired.

  I hope that in the future you are happy and all of this is resolved.
  Until then...

  All posts regarding Estrella war and Schnepf's farm will be filtered
  out and approved on a case by case basis. (Btw, most will probably not
  be approved.) If those on either side of the issue try to thwart the
  filters, I will take further actions.

  I apologize to all of the list members that I feel that I must do this.

In Service,

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