ANST - Admin change on Ansteorran List (Was Re: August Southwind)

Theodric Alfhaims theodric at
Sun Jul 26 12:58:53 PDT 1998

On July 25 Dieterich wrote:
"Pug, I just don't think you get it... we *LOVE* you for this!  I, for one,
argue enough with my own darned friends to get my fill... I don't need to
waste my time and have my blood pressure up a few points listening to the
he-said-she-said of yet another crowd of people.  If folks are dying to
listed to Aten politics, I suppose they can sign up for the Aten list.  We
have *plenty* to talk about here.

Thanks again, Pug, for making our local list free of static.


Truly said.  Thanks Pug

"Young at Heart.  Slightly Older in Other Places"

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