ANST - Purple, Black, & History

Talen von Marienburg talen at
Sun Mar 1 20:37:47 PST 1998

Daniel expounded on my expounation (sic) thus:
>Talen expounded:
>] And on the subject of purple, why is it that since it
>] was "rare" in period to see this on a shield that SCA
>] heralds insist it's bad form and shouldn't be used?
>1.  "SCA heralds insist"?  Please, amend it to "a few SCA
>heralds suggest"!  I can't even get SCA heralds to agree
>that M&Ms are Good Things!  The only three heralds I know of

Noted and amended.  That'll teach me to over generalize while standing on
the over-generalization soapbox!

As to the rest, very interesting and informative.  I think I must be a
museum re-enactor. <Grin>

FYI, purple is probably my least favorite color, but with the current setup
of the College it seems it's easier to avoid conflict and gain an extra
difference (or 1/2) by using purple.  This is how I remember it as a herald
from many years ago.  Has this changed?

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