[Re: ANST - Grayhounds avaiable in Austin]

gryphon@friendly.carlsbadnm.com gryphon at friendly.carlsbadnm.com
Mon Mar 2 05:19:08 PST 1998

Greetings, Lady Ellen and Good Ansteorran Folk,

I don't get personal mail headers on my email service and the "keeper"
address didn't work, so I'm sending this via Ansteorra list.  I hope
this helps.

"Since this is about an urgent need for an animal that is thought of
very highly by a number of SCA people I thought I'd pass it along. 19
Grayhounds have suddenly become in urgent need of either foster homes or
permanant homes in Austin, TX. The owner has suddenly decided to close
his kennel.The animals will very shortly be forced into the local pound
if no other opton becomes available.I don't know any more details.
Please contact  Keeper02 at Flashnet.net.If you have intrest in another
breed of dog please contact me. Lady Ellen"

OU>I am a proud owner of a retired racer!!  I'll look around.  You may want to
OU>contact Judy Paulsen at 1-505-281-7295.  She is in charge of Greyhound
OU>companions and may be able to assist you in placing them quickly.
OU>                                                              Thorkel Bjorns

gryphon at carlsbadnm.com

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