ANST - Terrariums (was: Purple, Black, & History)

Timothy A. McDaniel tmcd at
Mon Mar 2 08:42:49 PST 1998

Ulf wrote:
> I have to concur with Daniel

Wow!  Someone concurring with me!  Excuse me while I note the date!

> I have caught some flack for wearinga lot of gray
> or dull colors at events.

I remember a story about someone turning LOTS of heads at
Pennsic.  She was wearing beautiful Elizabethan ...
middle-class Eliz., that is.  Brown, no pearls ...
and immaculately clean, neatly set up, impeccably accurate.
I'd love to see that.

Daniel "Yo uKnow You're In The SCA When ... you see someone
beautiful, and immediately dress them with your eyes" de Lincolia
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