ANST - Re: TRF Workday 2-21-98

Cougar!! cougar17 at
Tue Mar 3 00:40:29 PST 1998


> -------------------------------We had several people (about 12) in
> attendance. Since I don't know everyone's name I wont bother trying to
> mention everyone, but thanks to all. 
Yes, thank you all who attended. There was more than just getting work
done though. 

The place looked incredible! We are used to seeing MUD...MUD EVERYWHERE!
Hoof "holes"...holes, not just "prints. Foot holes, slish slosh, wet,
wet, wet. Barren wasteland of thousands of people tromping over the land
reducing it to a flat clay, or total mudpit, depending on the weather.

Not so...on WORK day!! :) Ya'll would have to have seen it to believe
it!! Flourescent light green blades of long soft winter grass,
blanketing the grounds like waves of an ocean pouring out into the
clearings. The cool and brisk wind whipped through my hair and tickled
my cheeks. I walked around and took in the sights. The entire area was
deserted. Shoppes were boarded up, the wind whistled down the empty
streets, swaying the grass and the branches of trees. The only sounds
that could be heard were the distant conversations of other people in
our party, and the occasional slap, slap of an untheatherd shutter
against an empty building. 

When I listened closely to the wind, I could hear the shouts of the
crowds, the beating of the drums, the swishing of the chain mail, the
sounds of battle. The calls of the hawkers glided through my imagination
like the curls of incense through the lid of a burner.

The brightly decorated shoppes loomed over the plush green grass as I
walked through this land that I called home for eight weeks, last year.
The corn cob, and Steak on a Stick signs brought back joyous memories,
as they swayed in the wind,...alone and silent. A watchful hawk shrieked
a cry that echoed throughout, and down the empty streets. 

All of a sudden a faint sound of bagpipes seemed to be approaching.
A strange chill slowly crawled up my spine. "These grounds have become
part of your soul," I thought aloud. 

The wind that blows through the calm streets, suddenly took over and
returned me to reality. 

Then I had to go and rake and bag pine needles and leaves, and get into
a motor vehicle that whisked me back to 1998.....doesnt real life suck?


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