ANST - WEDDING TRADITIONS involving a spoon and several cultures?

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Another resource for your friends would be "Renaissance"
magazine.  The current issue happens to be a special on
Medieval Weddings.  If they cannot find it in a store, it can
be ordered from the publisher.  The address is Phantom Press
13 Appleton Road,  Nantucket,  MA  02554-2705 USA.    Back
issues are $5.00.

My Lord Angus and I married last fall at Canterbury Faire, using
the service written/reconstructed by Joseph of Locksley, and it was
beautiful.   My very best wishes for good luck to the bride and

Lady Cecily Garland
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Date: Tuesday, February 24, 1998 11:33 PM
Subject: ANST - WEDDING TRADITIONS involving a spoon and several cultures?

>Greetings Gentles!
>   Please accept my apologies for any bandwidth infringement but I have
>a research question for you...
>The Seneschal of my local barony is betrothed to a lovely Lady and they
>are wanting to do a period(SCA/Medieval) wedding before this year is
>out.  I have been approached by them because they do not have internet
>access yet to ask the "Knowne Worlde about a certain wedding
>tradition(s) or custom(s) involving a "spoon".  I personally am not
>readily familiar with this other than by hearsay.  I am told that a
>'spoon' figures most quite often in more than one culture and the
>following peoples were mentioned to me as possibilities for searching.
>Scotts, Welsh, Viking(Norse) and Germanic.
>I really am lost on this one and any help would be greatly appreciated
>and of course any copyrighted material will be given both legal and
>honorable mention and respect!
>Wyvernwood, Trimaris
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