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On Sun, 1 Mar 1998, Talen von Marienburg
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> FYI, purple is probably my least favorite color, but with
> the current setup of the College it seems it's easier to
> avoid conflict and gain an extra difference (or 1/2) by
> using purple.  This is how I remember it as a herald from
> many years ago.  Has this changed?

We don't do half-differences any more (essentially).

There was something called the Modest Proposal a couple-
three years ago.  Now the SCA College of Arms checks against
only a few hundred pieces of non-SCA armory -- national
flags, national arms, and some famous arms and people's

Therefore, the vast majority of possible conflicts (except
in cases of really simple armory) are gonna be SCA.

Specifically, you'll be checking against all the SCA people
who went with red, blue, ... AND all those who went to
purpure to avoid conflict with non-SCA armory.

In short, you're hosed either way. ^U
In general, it's best to just do a design the way you want
it, and then check for conflicts.

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