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Joel Schumacher jschumac at
Mon Mar 2 07:29:42 PST 1998

> > Catriona Rowley asked:
> > Out of curiosity, what do different groups do with the
> > unclaimed items in their lost and found?
> Morgan Cely Cain wrote:
> The cleverest thing I saw done was with a group that held the items for a
> year.  At the anniversary of their loss (later, just at their biggest
> annual event, where most of the people were likely to attend) the items
> were put on display for claiming.  All unclaimed items were auctioned off
> at the end of the day, money to benefit the group.

Sounds interesting from the buyer's end, but what if, at some event, the
original owner notices you have their missing item? Assuming it really
was their lost item, you'd surely want to return it.

But who eats the cost?  Some of the nicer items may go for more than a few
dollars.  Would you eat it? Was that a condition of purchase? Surely you
wouldn't charge the original owner.  Would the group that sold it
re-imburse you?

-Karl von Augsburg
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