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Mon Mar 2 21:45:04 PST 1998

The following was passed out at Stargate Baronial Populous meeting on
by Countess Anne Frayne of Winward (Kim Rischard) and I thought everyone
should read it.  It has been reproduced here with her permission.


Are the sites and bathrooms accessible to people with wheelchairs?
Are the tables high enough to accommodate wheelchairs?
Are the isles between feast tables wide enough to accommodate
Is the location for the Children's activities located in a safe place
with limited outside access and is it dry and warm?
Are the Children's activities accessible from the main activity area to
allow parents to check on their children?
Have you considered a children's feast menu?

Do you go out of your way to assist a lady in need of help, regardless of
rank or title?
Have you taken the time to sassiest a newcomer in meeting your friends?
Do you show interest when someone is fighting for your honor?
Are you the example of honor and chivalry that you expect others to be?
Do you always leave a site cleaner than it was when you arrived?

Have you brought toys, games, or some other activity for your children?
Have you volunteered some time for the MOC?
Do you check OFTEN that your children are fed, dry, and safe?
Have you planned your activities to allow your children to be supervised
at all times?

Did you check your armor BEFORE you left home for compliance with Kingdom
Armor  Regulations and to ensure that it is in good repair?
Have you volunteered to marshal for a shift?
Have you looked around the list field for your opportunity to display
your chivalrous 	nature?
Have you thanked the Marshals, Waterbearers, Herald, List Mistress, and
others who have helped make you day in the sun possible?

Have you made that extra effort to notice the individual contributions of
those around you?
Do you remember to treat all those with whom you interact as the future
Peers of the Realm that they are?
Have you brought largess or other small tokens to reward those, whose
actions you find pleasing?
Have you taught a class lately?
Have you considered sponsoring an individual in a list or competition?

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