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Salut, Cozyns

Lyonel aisai.

Many thanks to Erik Wulfriksson (et al.) for the Gulf War Checklist.  I'd
like to add to that a discussion of a few preparations our bold Ansteorran
troops should make prior to departing for the War.

Armor straps.  Check over every strip of leather or canvvas holding on your
armor.  If you have weak, stressed straps, now's the time to replace
them--even the ones that have miraculously held for a year or more in an
obviously weakened condition.  You know Murphy's law--that strap's just
been waiting to get you in the middle of a battle a thousand miles from home.

Speed rivets.  Give your harness the once over.  Replace any
questionable-looking rivets.

Thrusting tips.  Verify that your thrusting tips meet the size,
compression, and marking standards.  If you've constructed a new spear or
glaive for the war, have a qualified marshall check it before you go.  If
your thrusters are too stiff, you may have over-taped them (common
problem).  Try splitting the sides.

Swords.  Grab your sword by the handgrip and near the sword tip.  If you
can twist the sword, it's broomed under the tape.  Replace it.  Breaking
your sword over the first enemy you encounter on the battlefield can really
screw up your day.  Also, have a spare sword rounded, taped up, and ready
to go (just in case you break one at the war).

Basket hilts.  Check the connectors holding hilt to sword.  I strongly
recommend replacing any hardware with strapping tape.  I tape my hilts
on--sixteen wraps of strapping tape covered with a layer of vinyl electric
tape to keep out the elements.  This method is vastly superior to any
combination of hose clamps and bolts. I've never had a hilt break loose
during a war or tournament.  My swords *always* outlast the tape. 

Shields.  Check the edging for splits--if it's split, replace it or edge
over it with a wider hose.  Check the cord/strapping holding on your edge
to make sure it's not worn through anywhere.  Verify that your arm-strap,
handle, and handguard are intact and that their rivets are in good repair.

Authorizations.  Get your authorizations *before* you go to the war.
Remember, if you're authorized for armored combat, that doesn't mean you're
authorized for archery or pultruded fibreglas spear.

Personal hygiene.  I don't want to sound too parental here, but be sure you
clip your fingernails and toenails before you go.  Boots and gloves can
become distractingly uncomfortable in a long day's fighting if your nails
are just a little too long.

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