ANST - Re: Lost & Found

Dottie Elliott macdj at
Wed Mar 4 10:51:55 PST 1998

>If you have ever worked lost-&-found after an event, you know that there
>are MANY items, and few if any have some kind of identification that would
>help it return to its owner.  So, the person hoarding the L&F is left to
>trust that those who notice that things are missing, will call in and ask
>"was a such-and-so found at your last event?"  If the person cannot manage
>to do this for a year, then obviously the item was so insignificant in the
>person's life that s/he should not care whether someone else owns it.
>Karl, it sounds as if you would have the groups hold onto L&F indefinitely
>lest someone come in a long time to claimit.  How many years would you
>wait?  The :&F can be fairly voluminous, and I would guess 20% is never

Indeed, there are many, many items left at Candlemas with none having any 
ownership information. I have only had 3 people contact me about missing 
items. I am left with 2 boxes of items (clothing, cloaks, feast gear, 
etc) that will be stored until the barony determines its disposition.  If 
someone hasn't noticed something was missing after a year, then I think 
their claim is gone.  Right now, I would say less than 10% is ever 

I, too, have lost a beloved pewter goblet (it was an important gift) 
sometime last spring. Since my lord could not remember when he last used 
it, I could not determine where it might have been lost and could not 
reasonably trace whom to contact. Therefore, I accept its gone and will 
not complain if I see it auctioned off or someone else using it in the 

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