ANST - Gulf War Checklist

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Wed Mar 4 15:47:38 PST 1998

Someone you can trust to take care of pets, plants and watch the house.

A note on food: bring a large seperate cooler packed with only ice.
You WILL run out on events this long. Go sparingly on the perishable
items. Supplement ice with dry ice. Don't bother with ice cream.
Remember, it takes just as much effort to cook well as it does poorly;
plan your meals. A good strategy is to buy food at a grocery store
when you get there. You can pack smaller items in the ice chests for
the trip.

Camping: placing a tarp under your tent will keep moisture from
seeping through the ground and into your tent (especially after a
rain). Bring extra batteries and bulbs. I prefer chem-lights. Wool
blankets; I can't say enough good about them. Bring an extra blanket
to loan to the less well planned. Bring rope/cord and a hammer.

If campfire facilities are available, bring wood (hard woods -i.e.
oak- are better and make more heat than soft -i.e pine.-). If
possible, be kind to the environment and bring a portable fire pit.
Burning the ground makes it sterile.



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