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             Calling All Clans, Calling All Clans!
  You are hereby personally invited to the bonny hills of Brad Leah from the
third to the fifth of April to celebrate the glory of the Celts!
   The Shire of Brad Leah is hosting a festival of Celtic Games. We need all
Celtic personas to come and help us show the Known World why we love all
things Celtic!! Highlanders, bring your boots there will be sheep! Irishmen,
bring your own damned whiskey! Welshmen there will be a spelling bee just for
  We are planning to hold several different traditional games throughout the
weekend. In the research and development office are the Caber toss, Stone
throws, and the ever popular Haggis hurl. There will be several of our more
traditional events planned such as Archery, Knife, Axe, and Spear and of
course more fighting than you can shake a Sassenach at. Our Marshall is coming
up with deviant melee scenarios and raids to inflict upon you. We are also
having a champions tourney for the new Heavy Defender of the Falls.
  We are running the Clan point system. Points will be accrued for
participation in every activity your clan enters. Every clan must consist of
at least two heavy fighters, Artisan, Bard, and someone to compete in the
Archery and Knife, Axe, and Spear. However, winning will require you to try
your hand at the games. The more games you play the better your score. We
encourage all non-fighters to play the games as well. You can win points for
your team. Even the children will have a chance to shine. There will be a
children's competition with the points going towards their clan.  
  As you read this, the details for the Arts and Sciences competition are
being hammered out. The theme will be Celtic (duh)  in any medium and of
course documentation is preferred,  The Bardic competition will consist of two
categories, the traditional song, story, or poem and an instrumental
competition. Pipers, Harpers, Drummers, and all with talent at medieval
instruments are highly encouraged to play for us. You will be appreciated. We
are planning a feast of unsurpassed taste and tradition. We will be giving
more details in the Blackstar as the time grows nearer. There will be a War
Prize chest so please bring a small prize to donate to the chest. The winning
clan will win the right to pillage to their hearts content. 
       All are invited for a weekend of fun and games! Any questions? Call
Lady Etain at (940) 322-6285 or Lady Sorcha at (940) 851-8800 no calls after
9:00 p.m. please.
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